Workshop Mate Workstation

  • Product Code: WSM4
  • Brand: Workshop Mate

The Workshop Mate "Workstation" 30,000kg heavy duty H-frame workshop press delivers up to 30 tons of pressing force. When components need to be removed or assembled, this press delivers the controlled power to get the job done in a much quicker, safer and more efficient way than a standard shop press. Remove and install bearings, gears, U-joints, bushings, ball joints and pulleys with this versatile hydraulic press! The side mounted Spring Compressor adds extra versatility & efficiency to any fast-paced workshop environment and will work on most (NOT ALL) manufacturers springs up to 3,500kg GVM. The 10,000 psi Air/Hydraulic foot pump on this workshop press operates the ram at a slow or fast speed to accommodate a wide variety of pressing applications. This 30,000kg hydraulic workshop press & spring compressor features a multitude of included accessories which make this product truly unique & a valuable tool as it can perform a varied amount of work from one single workstation.   (Previous models include product code/s; WSM3)


  • Air/Hydraulic operated 30,000kg press
  • Side mounted spring compressor
  • Filter crushing assembly
  • Dozens of unique tooling options
  • On-board tooling storage stand
  • Winch operation to lower and raise bench


  • Press almost any bearing or bush with PRECISION and ACCURACY in minutes, saving valuable workshop time
  • Smooth AIR/HYDRAULIC foot pedal operation for hands-free accuracy & control
  • Hands free spring compression
  • Even the most difficult pressing tasks become SAFE & EASY
  • Complete with COMPREHENSIVE HIGH QUALITY interlocking Tool, Die and Spacer Kit to ensure SAFE WORK PRACTICES
  • Complete on machine storage - minimises time spent searching for the required tools & spacers for each job!
  • Tasks like SUSPENSION BUSHES once seen as too hard become a breeze
  • A comprehensive variety of spring adaptors, suitable to almost any type of model of spring SAFE & EASY to compress in MINUTES
  • Decrease labour time & increase productivity and efficiencies
  • Increase Workplace Safety
  • Undertake jobs that are currently too difficult




  • Safe Working Capacity: 30,000kg
  • Working Range: 224-819mm
  • Piston Ram Stroke Main Ram: 140mm (Standard load cap fitted)
  • Bed Height Settings: 85mm increments - 8 settings
  • Bed Width: 466mm
  • Bed Gap: 200mm
  • Piston Ram Stroke: 295mm
  • Operating Air Pressure: 90-125psi
  • Overall Dimensions: 1820H x 1170W x 820Dmm
  • Skid: 1020L x 1000W x 1600Hmm
  • Weight: 400kg

Spring Compressor:

  • Will do most (NOT ALL) manufacturer springs up to 3,500kg GVM




Intended Use

Designed for easy pressing of front struts, rear axles, 4x4 struts, bushes and ball joints, hubs, wheel bearings & suspension work.



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About the Workshop Mate brand

Workshop Mate is designed for use in a demanding automotive garage and workshop environment by trade users. With proven and trusted reliability, Workshop Mate branded products offer the very best in performance & refinement. The Workshop Mate range is covered by a 12 month trade use warranty.