Workshop Heater 30kW

  • Product Code: 1096T
  • Brand: TradeQuip Professional

This TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Direct-Fired Forced Air Workshop Heater is ideal for workshops, garages and warehouses, reducing concrete freeze and emergency heating. The 38 Litre fuel tank can run for 9 hours on a single fill. It has on-board diagnostics and additional safety features. Ideal for quickly and efficiently heating cold condition workshops, this forced air heater can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings and is fuelled by kerosene or diesel. It is a reliable heating solution for an area of approx. 300 square metres and is easy to move and position as required thanks to the ergonomically designed inbuilt handle.


  • Burns diesel or kerosene
  • Electronic flame control system
  • Safety overheat thermostat and pressure switch
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Double skinned combustion chamber for thermo-acoustic insulation and safe low surface temperature
  • Pre-purge and post-ventilation cycles
  • Twist lock fuel cap with cable


  • Power Output: 30kW   -   102,360 Btu/h
  • Motor: 240V/50Hz 230W
  • Noise Level: 76dB(A)
  • Air Delivery:  720cubic metres per hour
  • Fuel Consumption:  2.4kg/hr
  • Tank Capacity: 38Litres
  • Dimensions: 880 x 456 x 590mm
  • Nett Weight: 21kg
  • Carton: 905 x 420 x 490mm
  • Gross Weight: 23kg

Intended Use:

Ideal for space heating, frost protection and condensation control in commercial and industrial workshops, factories, and warehouses. 

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About the TradeQuip brand

The 'TradeQuip' brand of workshop equipment, is designed for use in a demanding workshop environment by professional users. With proven and trusted “Made for the Trade” reliability, 'TradeQuip'  branded products offer the very best in performance for an affordable price. All backed by a 1year trade guarantee across 1,000+ distributors Australia wide.