Pedestal Drill 16Speed 3/4HP

  • Product Code: CH16NFT
  • Brand: Borum Industrial

The same reliable 'Heavy Duty Industrial Quality Drill Press'  since we started manufacturing them in 1984... but with the benefit of some 21st Century features.

This "Borum Industrial Drill Press" delivers precision and power... and is designed to handle the demands of a professional workshop environment. With a powerful long-life industrial quality 3/4 HP motor (that's fully enclosed in a durable metal hood) double-wide spindle bearings and a precision spindle, this is one very reliable drilling machine. Equipped with 16 drilling speeds from 162 to 3,000rpm and a 16mm drilling capacity this robust and user-friendly drill press is ideal for a busy maintenance workshop or small production factory. Perfect for fabricators looking for a drill press that's rugged enough to handle the demands of light and medium duty production work and accurate enough to consistently deliver precise results.  (Previous models include product code/s; CH16NF)


  • Flexible work light
  • Oversize micro-switch activated safety guard
  • Engineering style work table
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Low-noise belt drive with cast iron balanced pulleys ensures low maintenance and quiet operation
  • Safety ON-OFF switch fitted with a dust cover and positive action push buttons plus a large (Red) self locking "Emergency Stop" hinge cover
  • Precision spindle bearing for long life and high accuracy
  • Table control via hand crank and gear rack is robust with high load capacity
  • Long quill stroke with easy to adjust depth stop at the capstan handle
  • Thick-walled, precision-ground column for extra rigidity
  • Powerful long-life commercial drive motor provides high reliability even at continuous loads
  • Ground set-up areas on table and base plate
  • Solid rotating work table with diagonal clamping slots
  • Full range of Spare Parts available in Australia!


  • Motor: 240V 3/4HP
  • Number of Speeds: 16
  • Spindle Speeds: 162-3000rpm
  • Maximum Drilling Capacity: 16mm
  • Spindle Taper: MT2
  • Chuck: 16mm
  • Maximum Spindle Stroke: 78mm
  • Swing: 350mm
  • Maximum Distance from Spindle to Table: 781mm
  • Maximum Distance from Spindle to Base: 1219mm
  • Diameter of Column: 73mm
  • Diameter of Table: 290mm
  • Size of Base: 450x265mm
  • Overall Height: 1588mm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Carton: 1370 x 460 x 230mm

Intended Use

This device is used for producing holes in hard substances. A selected drill (drilling) bit is held in a rotating spindle and is fed into a workpiece, which is usually clamped in a vice resting on the adjustable table. The drill bit may be gripped in a chuck with three jaws, or it may have a tapered shank that fits into a tapered hole in the spindle. This Drill Press offers varying the spindle speeds and is intended for use with drill bits only.

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About the Borum brand

Our “heavy duty commercial” range of Borum Industrial equipment has been manufactured to exacting standards for the past 34 years. We specify industrial quality components and design to ensure a long and durable working life in commercial transport, mining, earthmoving and railway environments. Our Borum Industrial range of equipment is focused on achieving superior professional standards, reliability, quality, and are covered by a 12 month trade use warranty.