Bottle Jack Squat 12,000kg

  • Product Code: 2015
  • Brand: TradeQuip Professional

This powerful, heavy-duty TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Hydraulic Bottle Jack with high quality glide-action pressure pump is designed for hard-hitting commercial use, making large loads easy to lift. The lightweight jack is ideal for lifting farm vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, industrial construction equipment and more. Professional quality, ideal for the workshop or panel shop. Fitted with unique overload protection system and large stable base. Supplied with 500mm pump handle. The low profile design of this hydraulic jack fits underneath tight spots. The jack drops down to just 180mm at its lowest point, making it ideal for use in automotive and ag repair shops, and other small spaces.

Attain the proper work height with the 100mm hydraulic lift range, and then do some fine tuning to get load exactly where you want it. The knurled heat-treated pad with 70mm screw adjustment offers the versatility you need. A convenient steel carrying handle makes it easy to transport the jack to any location. The stubby bottle jack is the perfect choice for everyday vertical lifting in a variety of environments. A lead-free paint finish covers the surface to ensure long-lasting wear and to help prevent rust. The paint is oil-, grease- and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup no matter how often you put this jack to work.


  • Machined and polished cylinders with die-cut threads provide non-abrasive leak-free, durable performance
  • Fabricated from hard-cast steel with heat-treated critical stress areas
  • Unique cross-type forged release valve assures positive load control
  • Overload protection
  • Convenient welded carry handle
  • Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup


  • Safe Working Capacity: 12,000kg
  • Hydraulic Lift: 85mm
  • Adjustable Screw Height: 55mm
  • Minimum Height: 175mm
  • Maximum Height: 315mm
  • Base Area: 157 x 134mm
  • Handle: 500 x 20mm
  • Carton: 148 x 142 x 190mm (plus handle)
  • Gross Weight: 7kg

IMPORTANT:   NEVER get beneath a vehicle that is only supported by a jack. ALWAYS chock the vehicle wheels and use support stands.  

Intended Use

For heavy duty use on truck, agriculture, construction, mining, automotive, and marine applications where lifting and lowering is required.

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About the TradeQuip brand

The 'TradeQuip' brand of workshop equipment, is designed for use in a demanding workshop environment by professional users. With proven and trusted “Made for the Trade” reliability, 'TradeQuip'  branded products offer the very best in performance for an affordable price. All backed by a 1year trade guarantee across 1,000+ distributors Australia wide.