Gear Puller Kit - Hydraulic 23pce

  • Product Code: 2007 **DISCONTINUED**
  • Brand: TradeQuip Professional


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               Gear Puller Kit Hydraulic 23pce

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This product is no longer manufactured for TQB Brands Pty Ltd

This versatile TradeQuip Hydraulic Puller Set includes everything you need to pull gears from 20mm to 105mm in diameter. Constructed from heat-treated steel, this durable set is perfect for pulling bearings, timing gears, steering wheels and pulleys on most cars and light trucks. This gear puller set comes in an individually organised carrying case, making it perfect for both the automotive professional or serious DIY enthusiast. The professional "Made for the Trade" 10,000kg Hydraulic Puller Set is for pulling / removing gears, races, bearings, sprockets and pulleys. For cars, trucks, off-road construction equipment and machinery. Six position multi-function puller with adjustable two or three leg function. Remove bearings, gears, etc. with minimal effort this hydraulic powered puller.
  • Professional quality hydraulic ram for durability and reliability
  • Includes Bearing separator and extensions rods
  • 2 or 3 Jaw Operation
  • For ultimate strength, the jaws, ram and bearing separator made of heat-treated Chrome Vanadium steel
  • Hydraulic ram develops up to 10,000kg of pressure with hand power only
  • Hardened to HRC 42-45, all components designed for professional use
  • Twin and triple heads included for assembling 2-jaw and 3-jaw pullers
  • Makes 4 different twin/triple leg pullers, plus bearing separator kit
  • Rated to 80kN providing 10,000kg of force with minimal effort
  • Grease filled bore for consistent high performance
  • Direct force eliminates twisting and improves stability under load
  • Sturdy Blow Mould Case


  • Capacity: 10,000kg
  • Rated to 80kN providing 10,000kg of force with minimal effort
  • Spread: 20-105mm
  • Puller Legs: 3x 100, 3x 150 and 3x 200mm
  • Bearing Separator: 115mm
  • Separator Extensions: 4
  • Size: 355(L) x 195(W) x 150(H)mm
  • Replacement Ram: Product Code: 2007-1
  • Seal Kit: Product Code: 2007-2

Intended Use

This Puller Set is used for pulling/removing gears, races, bearings, sprockets and pulleys on cars, trucks, off-road construction equipment and machinery.

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