Walnut Blasting Machine 10Litre

  • Product Code: PROWNB10L
  • Brand: TQ PRO


This TQ Pro "Latest Applied Technologies" 10 Litre Walnut Blasting Machine is perfect for intake cleaning and performed on a regular basis is crucial to your vehicle’s engine performance and efficiency. Walnut blasting is a common way to clear carbon build up from
your car’s intake valves. The Walnut shell is hard enough to clear out the build up and soft enough not to damage your intake. Like sand blasting, walnut blasting breaks up and blows away the nasty build up so your car runs like it’s supposed to.

 Recommended Compressor: Minimum 18CFM


  • Built to exacting standards
  • Precision Blasting Mechanism
  • 3 Metre Hose


  • Capacity: 10 Litre
  • Working Pressure: 90-125psi
  • Walnut Media Flow: 1-2L/minute
  • Pressure Tank Capacity: 18.5 Litre
  • Maximum Loading: 10 Litre
  • Vacuum Box Capacity: 15 Litre
  • Vacuum Power: 1200 Watt
  • Hose Length: 3 Metres
  • Recommended Compressor: Minimum 18CFM
  • Use Small Grain Walnut Shell: 0.45-0.8mm

Intended Use

Blasting work utilising compressed air with walnut media to clean carbon build up out of intakes. 

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WARNING: We recommend the use of  personal protective equipment. Always wear a respiratory filter or mask over your mouth when operating this unit. You will create a cloud of abrasive media material and debris which should not be inhaled


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