Steel Grit Blasting Media Abrasive

  • Product Code: 3026T
  • Brand: TradeQuip Professional

The TradeQuip "Made for the Trade" Steel Grit Blasting Media Abrasive is designed for use in conjunction with our TradeQuip Mobile Blasting Kits and Blasting Cabinets. Steel grit offers a more angular shape and sharper texture. It can be used to remove rust, paint or scale from steel surfaces. Steel Grit works well in many tough applications such as railway maintenance, structural steel and in foundries. Steel Grit Abrasive Media is made up of sharp cutting angular particles that clean by cutting and etching into the surface which usually results in an etched surface with well defined anchor pattern. Steel Grit can also be used in blasting cabinets for surface preparation as its sharp edge will gradually round over as the abrasive is recycled. The durability and resistance to impact fatigue of Steel Grit provides maximum cleaning efficiency at the most economical cost. It has been specified for use with TradeQuip "Made for the Trade blasting equipment.


  • Fast removal of medium/heavy rust and paint from steel surfaces
  • Works well in tough applications
  • Results in an etched surface with well defined anchor pattern
  • Durability and resistance to impact fatigue
  • Ideal for deep descaling and etched surface requirements
  • Widely used for car chassis blasting, machinery cleaning, parts restoration 


  • Mesh: 40
  • Shape: Sub Angular
  • Hardness: 7.0 - 7.5 MOHS
  • Density: 3.5-4.3 SG
  • Blasting Speed: Up to 11 m2/hr
  • Dust Factor: Low
  • Recyclability: 10/10
  • Profile Range: 89 - 114.3 µ
  • Consumption Rate: N/A
  • Weight: 25kg

NOTE:  We recommend the use of  personal protective equipment. Always wear a respiratory filter or mask over your mouth when operating this unit. You will create a cloud of abrasive media material and debris which should not be inhaled.

About the TradeQuip brand

Our Flagship brand of garage and workshop equipment, TradeQuip is designed for use in a demanding garage and workshop environment by trade users. With proven and trusted “Made for the Trade” reliability, TradeQuip branded products offer the very best in performance for an affordable price. The TradeQuip range is covered by a 12 month trade use warranty.