Transmission Lifter 500kg Air/Hyd

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This product is no longer manufactured for TQB Brands Pty Ltd


This TQ Pro "Latest Applied Technologies" 2-Stage Air/Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Lifter offers a wide range of versatility designed to help increase workshop productivity. For lifting passenger car transmissions, the universal mounting lifting platform provides a wide four way tilt range and the wide base is enhanced by four premium nylon swivel castors for safer manoeuvring around the workshop. This Air/Hydraulic Transmission Lifter is equipped with an air operated hydraulic system for smooth hydraulic lift. The convenient rapid lift without load and slow descent with load is controlled via the foot operated pump and release valve to keep the mechanic’s hands free during use. The height and lifting platform adjustability of this telescopic Transmission Lifter makes it great for any transmission installation or removal. The sturdy and stable design features four premium nylon swivel castors for easy manoeuvring around the workshop.


  • Designed for lifting & lowering passenger car transmissions
  • Using CNC technology, the chassis and frame is constructed of high-grade steel and built to exacting standards for professional quality and durability
  • High quality large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder with precision tolerances and in-ram bleeding and lubricating mechanism
  • Piston-ram is treated and polished to minimise wear and extend service life
  • Globally sourced premium quality (doubled) O rings with anti-dust ring, reduce wear and substantially increase durability
  • Concealed double staged pump core 
  • Rapid lift without load
  • Slow descent with load
  • Overload safety valve
  • Aviation grade hydraulic fluid
  • Lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough chemical wash to ensure a long-lasting and durable finish
  • Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
  • Oversize lifting platform provides a broad 4 way adjustment / tilt range
  • Premium nylon swivel castors

4 Way Tilting Cradle Offers The Perfect Mounting Angle

The oversize design of the lifting platform provides a wide fore and aft tilt range to get the load in the perfect position.

Versatility And Portability To Match Your Needs

Positioning this transmission lifter is just a one-person job. The sturdy base includes four premium nylon castors that swivel a full 360°, adding effortless maneuverability. Once your transmission lifter is in place, the smooth, high speed hydraulic system makes easy work of lifting and lowering.

Use It Day In And Day Out 

The TQ Pro Telescopic Transmission Lifter is the perfect choice for lifting passenger car transmissions. The base design makes this transmission lifter easy to move whilst maintaining stability under most vehicle hoists, and an oversized cradle increases contact area with the load for a sure hold on most transmissions.


  • Safe Working Capacity: 500kg 
  • Maximum Height: 1940 mm
  • Minimum Height: 940mm
  • 2 Stage Lift Ram travel: 1st=490mm 2nd=510mm
  • Air Hose Length: 1200mm
  • Lifting Platform Size: 280x280mm (480x480mm Max.)
  • Forward Tilt: 9°
  • Rearward Tilt: 28°
  • Left Tilt: 9°
  • Right Tilt: 28°
  • Base Dimensions: 580 x 700mm
  • Nett Weight: 68.5kg
  • Carton: 840 x 530 x 280mm
  • Gross Weight: 77kg

Intended Use

Designed for the removal, installation and transportation (in the lowered position) of passenger vehicle transmissions that are raised by an in-ground or above-ground lift. 

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